Thursday, July 28, 2011

Incompetent book blurbs

I am not a biblical scholar and am simply not equipped to challenge on historical grounds the reconstruction of the social and political forces which led to the Hebrew canon we recognize today.

Should Christianity end? I think not. But unthinking Christianity definitely should. For that reason I am grateful to the authors of this outstanding collection of essays.

If Randal Rauser isn’t qualified to evaluate Thom Stark’s attack on Scripture, how is Rauser qualified to endorse The End of Christianity’s attack on Scripture? 

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  1. Steve,

    The answer to your question should be obvious, while Rauser isn't a biblical scholar (obviously), and therefore is not equipped to challenge attacks on Scripture on historical grounds, nevertheless he is quite an expert (obviously) on "unthinking Christianity", and therefore as a practicing unthinking Christian he is fully equipped to endorse The End of Christianity's attack on Scripture.

    After all, it takes one to know one...

    In Christ,