Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Loftus Bird-Man Arrives

John Loftus once assured us that part of the proof there is no God is that bird-men do not exist.

I think this proves beyond all doubt that the non-existence of bird men proves the existence of God...


  1. One thing you guys might try is setting up the context for your short quips. I and many others don't follow the ongoing discussions among atheist debaters and Catholic e-pologists. That makes many posts here less useful than they might be. It is like dropping in the middle of a conversation.

    So it would help if you would set up the joke before delivering the punch line.

  2. KO,

    What wasn't set up? John Loftus once said that since God didn't make bird men, that was evidence God didin't exist.

    Pike then posted a YouTube video of a bird man, providing some evidence that God may indeed exist.

    Squawk, squawk, baby!