Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Web of deception

Hector Avalos has made an issue of full disclosure. Yet when I mouse over to, I can’t help noticing that some of the contributors go by names like Atheist Tooth Fairy, ChuckyJesus666, darklady, Discordia, eveningmeadows, exfundy, GodlessGrrl, MtlRedAtheist, Psy-Cop, Simplex Munditiis, and Xrayman–to name a few.

If I didn’t know better, I’d almost suspect that they were trying to conceal their true identity. Yet I know from ethicist Hector Avalos that this would implicate them in a web of deception. So these must be their birth names. 


  1. Sick parents. evenmeadows probably gets beat up on a daily basis.

  2. I wonder about the prenatal activities of exfundy. Perhaps he/she opposed abortion from within the womb?

    Classic case of pulling the ladder up.