Friday, October 29, 2010

Corporate election

Dan Wallace responds to a question about corporate election.

Update: Thanks to reader Constantine for pointing out that it's a broken link. Should be fixed now.


  1. I have a good friend who argues for corporate election.

    Thanks for the good word.

    I shall probably leave it alone with my friend even though, for he is quite certain in his view. And he is quite a Greek scholar.

    I would love to see Dan Wallace and Dave, my friend have a debate.

    if that would ever be possible, let me know, and I ask Dave. He is quite a man of God. And he loves the Scriptures.

  2. I am getting a 404 error for the link.

    Can it be fixed?

    Thank you.

  3. "And he is quite a Greek scholar."

    I am not. But my one caution to anyone is let us never let our learning drive as to a place of thinking we are right because we know something the other does not. Like a greater familarity with the original languages.

    I think of the misterious Richard in this regard. Who considers most of us here to be ignorant because we are not possessed of his great learning.

    Now regarding the subject, salvation is indeed a corporate idea, the calling of a people. But it is individual people who are called.


    Was this the link/essay?

  5. If the election is God choosing his people (as suggested in [Deut 7:6][Psa 135:4]), and the Bible reveals this choice, than clearly we can understand it better by identify the election Biblically.

    To gauge whether or not this election is individualistic or corporate how do we it in the Bible? Presumably we look for something along the line of "I will be your God, and you will be my people"

    This election, at least, is abundantly clear [Exo 6:7][Jer 7:23][Jer 11:4][Jer 30:22][Eze 36:28] and seems to be both corporate and individualistic.

    It is corporate in that it is a promise corporately inherited. It is individualistic in that its is made manifest individually contingent upon faith.

    If there is some other election in the Bible,it is not clear.