Sunday, February 07, 2010

Freudian slip


“It has been my observation, for years, that when a person has to resort to a host of ad hominems he is fundamentally insecure about his position.”

Rev. Paul T. McCain

“As for why I will not respond to Mr. Turk’s churlish first comment in this stream, the reason is simple. I will gladly grant Mr. Turk the right to have his little temper-tantrum, but I see no point in responding to it. Let him have his little rant and let him roar. The fact that Mr. Turk got himself into such a lather…” [emphasis mine].


  1. Par for the course. His argument was answer then he moved the goal posts.

    Not a very dialogical approach. I promise you that I've talked with Muslims who approach things in a similar manner as McCain has in that thread.

    They assert their position, won't fully engage questions about their position, then re-assert their position. You give an answer to their objections. They are practically ignored only to have the original position re-asserted.