Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Hither & dither


I’ve used the phrase “causal determinism” quite a lot recently when talking about the doctrine of Middle Knowledge/Molinism and one of it’s chief competitors, the Calvinistic notion of soverigenty which posits God as being the one who “decrees all that comes to pass”...Simply put, causal determinism is the notion that every event is directly caused or decreed either by an impersonal force like the Fates or destiny, a natural series of causes and effects1 constrained within a causally closed system2, or a personal deity like Allah or, as some suppose, the God of the Hebrew Scriptures.Indeed, I would argue (elsewhere of course) that the abandonment of causal determinism is one of the defining characteristics of Christianity.

Et non:

I don't see how you have drawn this conclusion given that Molinism does hold to a predetermined outcome of all events in this world making not only prophecy, but the effects thereof (the whole observer changing the observation rationale) foreknown and predetermined.

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  1. I actually read that post - didn't read the comments. I see now that I should have :)