Monday, November 30, 2009

The Significance Of Mark 15:21

Here's an article on the subject.

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  1. In my organization, some of the fathers and mothers of the organizers, or original members of our Reformational Church, now after 39 years, have moved here to 'retire' near their "successful" children. Sometimes they come to one of our fellowship events or potluck functions.

    Since this place where I reside is my "home town", born and raised here and joined this group at the early stages of its movement, my mother also lives here locally. And at times she comes to the Lord's Day on occasion or a special function or gathering. My sister also attends this fellowship and has for some 30 years now. Whenever my mother is around visiting, she is always identified as the mother of "....."[me] or "....."[my sister] or the grandmother to our children, her grandchildren or great grandchildren.

    Whenever any of the other parents of old established members of this fellowship are visiting or one of their siblings, we always identify them as the mother or dad of "....." or the brother or sister of ".....".

    So simple this reasoning when once you reason it out. It just goes to show the Bible has that human touch and element about it at every turn, hill up or dell down, meadow wide and at the crossing of every brook or stream!

    Great article, thanks!!!