Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Want to Deduct?

Want to Donate?
By John W. Loftus
at 10/15/2007

If this Blog is helpful to you in some way then please consider helping out by donating $5-$20-$50-$100 or more. Any amount would help quite a bit. Christian ministries rake in a great deal of money. I'd like to think skeptics financially support those sites that "minister" to them too.

Help me stay alive in these hard economic times. I need your help. I need people who are willing to donate on a regular basis, a monthly commitment if you can. Unless more money comes in I’ll be forced to get a second job.


In the interests of intellectual equity, I have an alternative suggestion. If DC is harmful to you in some way then please consider deducting $5-$20-$50-$100 or more from John’s budget.

We need Christians who are willing to deduct from John’s budget on a regular basis, a monthly commitment if they can.

Or, if you can’t make monthly deductions, your deductions can be prorated per post. Deduct $50 for every post by Loftus, Evan, Touchstone, &c.

All we need is to set up a reversible PayPal account for DC.


  1. Loftus writes:

    "Christian ministries rake in a great deal of money."

    Not in this economy.

  2. Steve, you never told me that Triablogue was making money hand over fist. I've been commenting here under false pretenses. Fortunately, Loftus found out your nasty little secret, and now that the cat's out of the bag, I expect a cut for my comments—back-dated with interest. They're all high quality stuff. You can't keep everything for yourself buddy. That ain't cricket.

    (Incidentally, what's your secret? I don't make a damn cent off all my hard work, and I want a piece of that action!)

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