Monday, November 17, 2008

Proud Roman Catholic Apologists Causing Divisions Among Their Brethren

James White and James Swan have a lot of good material on their blogs. I recommend following both blogs on a regular basis. I want to call attention to this recent article by James Swan.


  1. If any denomination grows large enough and gains enough scholars who have read widely, you'll find them discussing matters from a wider range of interpretations. Catholics today have everything from liberals to ultra-conservatives. There's even some Catholic geocentrists and creationists.

    Or take Protestantism. C.S. Lewis's opinion of Genesis and Jonah are on par with them being myths. While Josh McDowell argues they are history.

    Triabloguers are I assume all conservative Calvinists, and you formed your blog as a consequence of holding similar opinions, interpretations of Scripture, science, history, etc. But if you visit other Christian blogs and forums with far more members like Christian Forums, or, Catholic Answers, the latter of which has had up to 2 million members online at once, many members visiting from a variety of Christianities other than merely Catholicism, you'll find different opinions and arguments, covering everything from the interpretation of Genesis to the interpretation of Revelation.

  2. Ed,

    Triablogue is a Calvinist blog that sometimes allows non-Calvinists to post. I'm not a Calvinist.

    My post was primarily addressing two issues:

    1. The unreasonableness of Gary Michuta's approach toward the book of Judith.

    2. Disunity among Roman Catholics, particularly conservative Roman Catholic apologists.

    I don't deny that Protestants disagree with each other as well. There are many posts in our archives discussing such disagreements. But Protestants don't make the sort of claims about unity that Roman Catholics make.