Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Perils of Palin

I’ve changed my mind about the race. Before McCain chose Palin, I was sitting on the fence. After he chose her, I decided that I could bring myself to vote for the ticket—however grudgingly. But I’d now take that a step further. At this point I think I have a duty to vote for the McCain/Palin ticket.

Why? Because the liberal establishment has decided to turn this election into a referendum on eugenics. Palin is now a symbol of an issue much bigger than herself (or McCain).

Of course, Obama and Biden haven’t been quite as rhetorically vile as their surrogates, but there’s no doubt where they stand. Obama regards the child of an unplanned pregnancy as a “punishment.” He opposed the Born Alive Act. Biden recently attacked Palin for having Trig, in the context of remarks about stem cell research.

Considering these developments, I think the religious right now has an obligation to support Palin for what she’s come to represent, and express its support at the ballot box.

That’s irrespective of other issues, pro and con. There are other issues, both pro and con. But this has now become the “central front” in the culture wars. If we don’t back her, what message will that send? If we sit out this election, it will be a turning point in the culture wars. Time to flex our electoral muscles.


  1. It's unfortunate that the Democratic leadership is out of touch with their voters on this issue: Dems are much more diverse in their opinions on this than one might think (see

    Abortion in the first trimester is a hazy issue, but it becomes much clearer when talking about an infant in its 7th,8th and 9th month of life, and NARAL's continued support of PBA for any reason at all is generally seen as a radical position by many, if not most, Democrats.

    Evangelicals have swung to the left in terms of many liberal positions (global warming and environmentalism, social justice), but this one issue will keep the Democratic nominees from being even considered.

  2. The probability that McCain will keep us at war or engage us in others is pretty high. What if more innocents died as a result of these wars than they would by abortions (under Obama)?

  3. Given the millions of abortions that occur every year, there would have to be outright genocide of "innocents" to even come close.

    BTW, you do realize that most of the civilians that are killed are killed by...the terrorists. You know, those who blow themselves up and use human shields, etc.?