Saturday, October 13, 2007

Rain, Rain, Come This Way; Stay Here, Every Day

Just a quick reminder - Please continue to pray for rain for the Southeastern US. The deficit totals are being announced. Parts of AL and GA are under 16 + inches. Parts of NC are 14 + inches under normal for the year thus far.

The media has at last decided to stop talking about Hollywood's latest and give some mention to the extreme to exceptional drought. I understand Lake Lanier, serving Atlanta, has 90 days of water left. Lake Jordan, serving Durham has something like 70 days left. The video I've seen of both makes the former look like a desert, the latter like a field full of brown grass. The NC governor has been candid that, at present, we do not have enough hay for our farm animals in NC. We need help, all of us in this region.

I'd add that Brother Charles , who reads this blog, has preached on this at his church in Coweta County, GA. The text is here.

Folks, I urge and plead with you, as you enter your churches for worship on Sunday morning and/or evening, please ask your eldership (if you are not one of them yourself) to mention this and call for a time of prayer in your services.

It is God who waters the earth. We have a low front coming this way by midweek. It may bring some relief. The God who made the waters, winds, and heavens can by the force of His will make it park over our lands for longer than it might otherwise do and he can soften the earth with the water and replenish some of what we have lost. Remember, the ground is so dry that is also terribly hard. My grandparents reported they received 2 inches of rain two weeks ago, but the ground was so hard it just ran off. We need rain that will last over several days. Please pray for this.

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  1. Thanks, Gene. We certainly do need the rain.