Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Baldness Is a Blessing!

HT: Justin Taylor

...For James White, "Dusman," the Dawgs @ Fide-O, and, well, for so many others I know (myself included - I've not had a good head of hair for a least a decade).

Carl Trueman writes:

Yet baldness is nonetheless a great gift from the Lord, in that it imposes a certain dignity on the ageing process by cutting off the various less dignified options (e.g., ponytails, which shouldn’t be sported by anyone over 30; and mullets which, frankly, should not be sported by anyone, anywhere, anytime. Period.). Of course, there are those, even Christians, who fight against this divinely-imposed dignity. Dreadful toupees abound in the church, along with frightful transplants, and the ubiquitous 'comb-over' or 'sweep.' The latter seems predicated on the false notion that, if you have six hairs to stretch across the barren landscape of your otherwise shiny pate, nobody will notice that you have gone completely bald. Or perhaps there is a belief somewhere that, in the country of the bald, the one-haired man is king. Come on, gents, parade your baldness with pride and accept the dignity which your divinely-imposed hair loss brings with it.


  1. Like my old mentor Dr. G.I. Barber in his exposition of The Doctrine of Hairology said "Its not the length of the hair its the location & direction." Comb overs a a great blessing don't knock 'em bro!
    Check out this great sermon & may it bring revival to your cold soul.

  2. I have to agree with Mr. Trueman here. I've always thought that if the day comes, I start balding, and I still have a few hairs on top, I'm just going to shave those suckers off.


  3. Semper Reformanda10/31/2007 5:39 PM

    Only Brock Samson is allowed to wear a mullet.