Friday, July 06, 2007

The Gospel According to the Old Testament

Living in the Grip of Relentless Grace: The Gospel in the Lives of Isaac & Jacob by Iain Duguid
Hope in the Midst of a Hostile World: The Gospel According to Daniel by George Schwab
Living in the Gap Between Promise and Reality: Gospel According to Abraham by Iain Duguid
Immanuel in Our Place: Seeing Christ in Israel's Worship by Tremper Longman
Salvation Through Judgment and Mercy: The Gospel According to Jonah by Bryan Estelle
Faith in the Face of Apostasy: The Gospel According to Elijah and Elisha by Raymond Dillard
Crying Out for Vindication: The Gospel According to Job by David Jackson


  1. A bit off-topic, but can you think of anything to recommend for comparitive mythology (from a Christian perspective)?

  2. Hey Mathetes,

    One book which comes to mind is the first few chapters of the NIV Application Commentary on Genesis by John Walton.

  3. Gordon J. Wenham: Genesis 1-15, Word Biblical Commentary
    John Walton: Ancient Israelite Literature in Its Cultural Context: A Survey of Parallels between Biblical and ANE Texts