Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The Real Reason Blogger Has Problems

All of us using Blogger know the drill. We sign in to the dashboard...oops, Blogger is down yet again; or we go visit a blog to read, and, oops, Blogger is down...again.

The intrepid reporters at Tominthebox have uncovered the real reason.

See: http://tominthebox.blogspot.com/2007/02/texe-marrs-tominthebox-brought-blogger.html

I must disagree, however, the real reason is that the Devil Priest James White is discussing textual criticism on the DL! Yes, that's right, all them 'xandrian manuscripts is whut's making God call down His judgment on us all!


  1. Well, let's see: White champions the Vatican's manuscripts (and those other guys, spiritualist types, atheists, what not) which corrupt the Word of God in innumerable ways. And he does it with mocking and arrogance, appealing to the "authority" of the academy. Devil priest seems accurate to me.

    And, yes, Alexandrian is not a good thing to be regarding the Word of God.

    Try to get your fear of seminary approval out of the way of your fear of God.

  2. Try to construct a non-circular argument for KJVOnlyism.

  3. Try to defend your atheist/Vatican/spiritualists manuscripts without referring to KJVonlyism. To reference the Traditional Text is not to reference KJVonlyism. All the great Reformation era translations were from the Traditional Text.

    You're on the defense on this issue for a reason. Recognize why that is and try to see what it is in yourself that is putting you in such a position (hint: your Old Man who demands to dictate to the Word of God what it will be while you at the same time affect to value the Word of God).

  4. He's not defending KJVOnlyism Gene.

  5. I know, but he's not arguing for Byzantine Priority either. I happen to have studied NT under Maurice Robinson.

    But if you'll notice, he's incapable of recognizing the regressive fallacy. TR Onlyism only backs up the question by one step, and, as we can see, adjectives are doing the work of argument. The argument is still circular. Logic is not his forte.

    This is likely "CT" or whatever his or her name is this week. Don't feed the Troll.

  6. "I happen to have studied NT under Maurice Robinson."

    Oh, in that case, I'll adopt the Vatican's/spiritualist's/atheist's manuscripts that delete and defile the Word of God too!