Thursday, January 11, 2007

How to lose

The Panderer
01/09 02:01 PM
There's a lot of slobbering over Senator McCain these days — from some on the right.  They are impressed with his insistence on increasing troop strength in Iraq.  We are told he has always held that position, even at the beginning of the war.  Well, I'm not impressed.  I'm not impressed with his position on Iraq or homeland security.

McCain says nothing about Iran and Syria, which means he doesn't have the political courage to recognize the existence of a regional war in the Middle East.  This is a defect in his thinking, and the thinking of others who believe a surge, as they call it, will win anything more than the day.  It won't win the war.  And if we send more troops into Iraq, without addressing the importation of insurgents and weaponry into that country, what exactly will be accomplished?  McCain's position is untenable, as are most being offered by Washington.  

If we do not topple the regimes in Iran and Syria, there can be no victory in Iraq.  On this point, Israel and most of its Arab neighbors agree.

McCain's position on domestic security has been disgraceful.  He joined with the radicals in the Democrat party to confer constitutional and international rights on unlawful enemy combatants (a.k.a. al Qaeda terrorists) for the first time in American history.  He led the effort to water down our interrogation methods, some of which were highly effective.  The damage McCain and others have inflicted on homeland security will become obvious should we be attacked again.

McCain has learned the art of pandering, and he's now pandering to conservatives.  Let's hope enough conservatives see through it.

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