Saturday, April 01, 2006

"Dividing the body of Christ"

I see that certain Reformed Baptists, including a few with whom I’m informally associated, have been accused of dividing the body of Christ.

I only have one brief observation to make regarding this allegation.

Warfield once said of his own troubled denomination that you cannot split a rotten log.

One of the charges leveled against the SBC is that the SBC is, in some measure, an empty shell. That’s its church rolls are inflated with nominal Christians due to a particular policy of church growth, abetted by a particular theory of conversion and membership.

So it begs the question to say that these individuals are dividing the body of Christ. From their viewpoint, this is so much an issue between fellow believers, but between true believers and nominal believers.

As I understand the issue, they want a standard of membership based on a credible profession of faith. Not just a bunch of warm bodies filling four walls on Sunday morning.

The only body they are dividing is the body of a spiritual zombie.

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