Friday, March 31, 2006

Does prayer change things?

I see that a much-touted new study on prayer by Harvard is being cited to undermine belief in the efficacy of prayer.

There are several really obvious flaws in this inference:

1.No Christian tradition except for the charismatic fringe has ever laid claim to a one-to-one ratio between prayer and answered prayer.

2.Not everyone who prays is praying in the will of God. In Scripture, prayer is not unconditional.

3.Unaswered prayers do nothing to dilute the evidence of remarkably answered prayers.

If, every time in the past that I’ve gone gambling, I’ve lost money, and then, one week, I’m dealt 10 royal flushes in a row, you can be sure that casino security will take a very personal interest in my new-found winning streak.


  1. I thought all prayers were answered, just that the answer was usually "no." Or is God just backlogged?

    also your scenario of a gambling streak... Might be a good witnessing strategy, ya think?

  2. This is why I shudder when I hear and see the sentimentalist warped witness of the name it and claim it "Christians." They really do give the secular people the wrong idea about genuine Christianity. Prayer is God's creation for us to line ourselves up with His will.

  3. Hiya guy,

    I noticed this article too and blogged about it here