Wednesday, December 07, 2005

No room at the inn

The news that a number of megachurches are closing their doors for Christmas, even though it’s Christmas, and falls on a Sunday this year, has drawn a lot of merited criticism.

The putative reason for the closing is that people are terribly busy during the Christmas season.

The reason is stupid on the face of it since holding a Christmas service doesn’t force anyone to attend.

However, I think there’s a better response than censure. Any church which would close its doors on Christmas isn’t worth attending in the first place. Rather than attack them, we should encourage them to close their doors more often. Preferably board them over.

In the meantime, faithful churches can take up the slack. Think of this as a heaven-sent opportunity.


  1. This makes for a truly bleak midwinter indeed.

  2. ...but isn't Sunday a holiday? one of the original 52 holidays in the year, 4th Commandment and all?

  3. I made a little rant about this.

    You'd think that since pastors only work Sunday's and Wednesday's that they could at least do a 15 minute service. ;-)