Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Dr. White replies



As distressing as it is to recognize this, there are people who engage in theological diatribes who are not honest. In fact, though you and I can’t imagine why anyone would bother, there are people with foul mouths and minds who care nothing about truth and who spend a great deal of time sowing discord amongst the brethren. Every generation has had to face these people, and one never becomes accustomed to their presence, for one can never understand their motivations.

Note something Josh S. said over on Steve Hays’ site, “Face it, White listed his theological priorities, and Jesus really wasn’t one of them.” Now, what motivates a young man, barely into his twenties, who has as far as I can see is not ordained, has never taught a single theology or Greek class in his life, written a book, or preached a sermon, and yet he is willing to bear blatant false witness against someone who has, in fact, done all of those things? He knows he is lying. I know he is lying. So what does he gain from lying? Given his cowardice (bravado behind a keyboard, but plainly incapable of holding his own in any other context), we may never know, since he will simply hide behind that keyboard and continue sniping as long as anyone is paying attention. Hopefully, eventually, he will be distracted and we can all get back to meaningful things. Till then, he remains a dishonest disturber of the brethren, and should be restrained by anyone who has ecclesiastical authority over him so as to stop bringing shame and disrepute on other Lutherans who actually value truth and have integrity.

So, how about that Ahmed Deedat? He makes Shabir Ally look downright scholarly…!


James White


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  1. Dr. White very briefly and very concisely, to put it frankly, tore JoshS to shreds. I am very pleased to have been able to relate with Dr. White the past few months. Here was my response to him:

    Dr. White:

    Wonderful comment. Your insight is always appreciated. I am simply amazed that a person who has the Spirit of Christ dwelling in him would be proud of the fact that he is attacking an Elder and misrepresenting him. The one who has aspired to the “noble task” of handling Scripture and pastoring the church certainly deserves better than to be mocked without substantiation, especially coming from someone who does not bear his responsibilities. The fruit of this work accomplishes nothing but to distress the flock; it certainly does not uphold truth. Thank you for your comments!

    Ahmed Deedat certainly knows how to make a scholar out of Shabir Ally.