Friday, August 12, 2005

The civil wars of Popery

Papist Civil Wars Are Alive and Well (Can a Leopard Change Its Spots?)

Let's briefly note a few of these "worse than absurd" disagreements between fellow Romanists currently taking place on the Internet (obviously nothing has changed in some 1700 years: Catholics fought each other then and they continue to do so, and split and form new factions). The following are not mere examples of gentlemanly disagreement: they are uncivil, acrimonious exchanges characterized by personal remarks at the expense of the other's honesty, sincerity, intelligence, basic knowledge, etc.

The discord largely derives from the bankruptcy of the notions of Magisterial judgment and sola Ecclesia. Those were the Romanist principles, so I place primary blame on what has happened by way of endless division and schism, right there. False premises can be just as deadly in the long run as sin and corruption, etc., because a lie is a bad thing, and the devil is the father of lies.


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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

"NeoCaths" and Old Liberal Nonsense: Challenges to Fr. Joseph O'Leary's Trashing of Orthodox Catholic Apologetics
Once again we have witnessed the spectacle of a liberal Catholic (this time, sadly, a priest: Fr. Joseph O'Leary) trashing the apologetics movement ("The Rise of the Neocaths"), complete with the obligatory use of the term fundamentalist ("They argue by proof texts, in complete contempt of biblical scholarship and hermeneutics. Their ingenuity in defending their fundamentalist stances is extreme"), mocking of established Catholic sexual morality ("They insist that masturbation is mortally sinful, and have an especial enthusiasm for the teaching that homosexuality is intrinsically disordered and that homosexual acts can never be countenanced"), and use of a semi-novel pejorative descriptive: Neocaths.

The term Neo-Catholic is (somewhat ironically) normally used by "traditionalists" (equally improperly, as I have written about).


  1. Interesting. One of the chief arguments for an infallible magisterium made by RC's is that recognizing the right to private individual interpretation of the Bible without such a magisterium would lead to doctrinal chaos. Kind of undermines that whole argument.

  2. @dave

    I put that line of thinking to some catholics over at Mike liccones blog and was told that whilst this may be the case the difference is that the RC's have the magisterium as a final arbritrator if needed. I.e. if you and i are protestants our disagreements cant go any further we simply remain in disagreement but if you and i are catholics then you and i have recourse to ask the magisterium and have the debate setteled.... Now that i think of it whislt it sounds like a good thing it is of course very unpractical.. Imagine the amount of disagreements out their that the magisterium would have to settle !!! None the less if a huge disagreement appeared in a the catholic church they do have a mecahanism for solving it we dont... what do you think?

  3. The problem is they disagree over their interpretation of what the magisterium pronounces. In the end, and infallible pronouncement is no more helpful than infallible Scripture. Both sides think it's clear. Both sides have to rely on fallible brains to interpret the infallible