Saturday, April 16, 2005

Of resolutions & loopholes

Dave Armstrong has repeatedly refused to enter into a substantive discussion with me on the oft stated grounds that I'm an "anti-Catholic," and he made a "resolution" not to debate anti-Catholics.

Now, however, he is reminding everyone that he regards a mere resolution as nonbinding (see below). So where does that leave his original excuse?


As everyone knows, people break resolutions all the time: the most famous ones being those related to diets. I clearly broke some of my resolutions (because of my greatly mixed feelings on the issue, clearly expressed in both resolutions, and my "apologetic duty"), but in other instances I was merely liberally applying my "loopholes" (that I myself made), and there was no inconsistency.

Anyone can read my resolutions of 2001 and 2005, and see that they are not solemn oaths. They contain loopholes whereby I would continue to interact with anti-Catholics.

I "broke" with my resolution (as if it were an absolute thing, with no exceptions whatsoever, in the first place -- it never was).

I simply relaxed my own requirements for when I would interact. Am I not allowed to do that? I am forbidden from writing exception clauses in my own statements of resolution, and then prohibited from exercising and/or softening the requirement in any particular instance?



  1. With all due respect, what ever happened to "Let what you say be simply 'Yes' or 'No'; anything more than this comes from evil"?

  2. Thanks for replying. As far as consistent goes you will always find superficial contradictions. People document long lists of biblical contradictions yet we believe scripture is inerrant. Why? Because of faith. Can we have this same faith that the Holy Spirit continues to lead his church into truth just as Jesus said he would? We can. The problem is then we can't pick our own doctrines. Being catholic is a surrender of your will to God.

    Am I a radical relativist? No. I believe it logically follows from Sola Scriptora. I reject both. You don't so I believe you are being illogical. It is very different from interpreting sacred tradition because the church is a living community. You can't say the church says x when the church is right there saying y.

    As for accepting uncertainty, how much can you accept? There is a core of beliefs that we need certainty about. My experience is that the core is bigger than most think. The church needs to define that core and leave freedom about the rest. That is why we have dogma. If we lose certainty about critical things then we end up with the idea that absolute truth is unimportant, unknowable, or even an illusion. That idea is common today and it is the fruit of the reformation.

    If anything can be learned from the last 500 years it is that the reformation was a complete, total, and unconditional failure. It weakened the church by splitting into thousand of competing "truths". It caused much bloodshed. It has created a long downward moral spiral especially in Europe and North America. It has removed the connection between us, Jesus, the scriptures, and the new testament church. It's all rooted in 3 words: "I am right".

    It is very hard to believe that God could create a church that knows more than you do. We can believe the Red Sea and the resurrection much easier. We just need to get over our own egos and bow before God.

  3. Randy, the Bible tells you of a falling away. It doesn't say when my elect exodus the dark domain of the Beast my elect will then cause the destruction of my Church and my Kingdom.

    Everything in the world you live in today that has anything to do with life, light, and freedom is owed to the Reformation and the heroic reformers who defeated the darkness and went on to found and build and create and invent and discover what makes up the free world today. You are unconscionably ignorant of history and of your own cankerous, murderous, Gospel-suppressing 'church'. Come out of that darkness and read the Word of God and give yourself a chance for the Word and the Spirit to effect regeneration in you.

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