Sunday, April 10, 2005

An apology to the world

An Apology to the World -

NEW DATE: Saturday, June 4, 2005, 9am-2pm
With all the apologies being offered to various people groups, we want to offer our own apology. The difference being, ours will not consist of an "I'm sorry." Join the Resource Center for Theological Research as we offer An Apology to the World.

Kerry Gilliard                            
Ozzie Osgood                            
Jeff Downs
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Session One: An Apology - 9am
What is an apology? By first examining the word in its historical context and then its usage is specific biblical passages, Mr. Gilliard will set the agenda for what a Christian apology to the world is. It is important to know that every Christian is called to give an apology. God has given his people the privilege of "given a reason for the hope that is within." Mr. Gilliard will discuss why it is important to be well equipped in biblical theology and the importance of loving God with all of your mind. This session will end with encouragement and examples on how to offer an apology to the world.

Session Two: An Apology to our Culture - 10am
In this lecture Mr. Osgood will demonstrate the situation between Christian and non-Christian cultures is fundamentally a conflict between two entirely different worldviews and will thereby expel the myth of neutral inquiry. Osgood will then proceed to give a model for a God-centered apology to non-Christian worldviews as well as a critique of the culturally popular arguments against the existence of God. This session will conclude with practical interaction with primary source material of all levels of cultural argumentation that attacks the Christian worldview.

Lunch - 11am

Session Three: An Apology to the Cults - 12pm
In this session, Mr. Downs will contend that it is the particular (Triune) God of Christianity that is "back of everything." Without this particular God, man could not live, move, or have his being. Therefore, any other sort of god is no god at all. In our pluralistic society, there are a variety of groups offering their viewpoint on who God is. But, can their particular form of deity, whether they claim it is derived from the biblical text or not, account for our how we know what we know, what is real, and how we should live our lives? In application, Downs will examine various New Religious Movements, asking if their particular god can give an account for reality. Downs will conclude where the book of Romans begins - contending that the worship of other gods is idolatry and part of the suppression of the truth (of the God) they do know.

Question and Answer Session - 1pm
Click here to register. There will be no cost to attend and everyone is welcome, but we would like a head-count beforehand.
To be held at Calvary Orthodox Presbyterian Church
10 Spruce Street
Middletown PA 17057
Further information e-mail or call (717) 333-7969

A list of area resturants will be availble at the church. For a map of Middletown PA click here. Local Hotels & Motels click here for a area Bed & Breakfast click here.

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