Thursday, January 16, 2020

The modern Nicea myth

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  1. A lot of the folks pushing this myth often respect scholars like Ehrman and Price. Well, here are two quotes that I typed up myself from their books.

    "The historical reality is that the emperor Constantine had nothing to do with the formation of the canon of scripture: he did not choose which books to include or exclude, and he did not order the destruction of the Gospels that were left out of the canon (there were no imperial book burnings). The formation of the New Testament canon was instead a long and drawn-out process that began centuries before Constantine and did not conclude until long after he was dead. So far as we know, based on our historical record, the emperor was not involved in the process."- Bart D. Ehrman, Truth and Fiction in The Da Vinci Code, chapter 4, page 74

    "And Constantine never had anything to do with determining the contents of the Bible."- Robert M. Price, The Da Vinci Fraud, Introduction, page 18