Thursday, June 13, 2019


i) Our system of gov't isn't a pure democracy but a Constitutional democracy (or republic, to be precise). We have a Bill of Rights. 

ii) Liberals routinely subvert the democratic process by resorting to judicial dictatorship. 

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  1. "they're often just elliptically saying that democracy is unacceptable in liberalizing, minority-conservative societies"

    1. I wouldn't necessarily have a problem with living in a minority-conservative society if liberals-progressives upheld my rights and liberties as an American citizen. In fact, I'm already from a blue city in a blue state, i.e. a "minority-conservative" society, but it seems nearly every day liberals-progressives are failing to uphold and sometimes even seeking to curtail our rights and liberties.

    2. Liberals-progressives don't seem to find it "acceptable" for red states like Alabama to pass laws protecting babies before they're born.

    3. Many liberals-progressives want to repeal the electoral college in electing the president, among others. Instead, they want to make it based on a national popular vote. However, that wouldn't protect minorities. For example, if we had a national popular vote to elect the president, and since white Americans are the majority, then a president could be elected simply by appealing to white voters. As long as enough white voters vote for the president to give him or her 50.1% of the total votes, then the president could be elected in this fashion.