Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Deplatforming ex-Muslims

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  1. Wood's now fallen victim to the anti-free speech fascists at Twitter (see his latest video) for 'Tweeting out' his YouTube video condemning the Christchurch mosque massacre. We can say with confidence that some nappy-wearing grovelling lackey(s) for the Islamic cult took offence at Wood's discussion, wherein he says he predicted attacks such as the Christchurch massacre due to the stifling of rational/critical discussion of Islam, and, like the intellectual cowards they are, reported his innocuous Tweet for 'hate speech.' Forget the fact that Wood utterly condemned the attack (and violence in general); no, he committed the cardinal sin of daring to suggest that the attack was one inevitable consequence of shutting down/'discouraging' criticism of Islam.

    That's my take anyway.

    He's been 'suspended,' but says he will not be taking his Tweet down so this will become a permanent ban.

    And the insanity continues...