Thursday, February 07, 2019

Killing newborns

To some extent, infanticide is a wedge issue. I suspect early term abortion is easier to rationalize emotionally and psychologically because, at that stage of gestation, the baby looks less human, less like you and me. That makes it easier to treat the baby as subhuman. 

But when the issue turns to a newborn, it's undeniable that we're killing a human child. That can't be masked. "The blob of tissue" just doesn't jive. And that makes some people who support abortion balk. It's like the difference between bombing villages at 30,000 feet and hand-to-hand combat. 

But the logic is regressive. Is any point where you draw the line before birth arbitrary? 

Many people are so selfish and morally hardened that they just don't care. The sociopath next door. More common than you imagine. But it puts Democrats on the defensive, because it's so hard to rationalize without exposing their viciousness. 


  1. Just a couple of points to reinforce the post:

    1. According to law enforcement, there seems to be at least ~2000 serial killers who have yet to be caught in the United States (e.g. this article). Perhaps more. Presumably most if not all serial killers are sociopaths or psychopaths. Not to mention there are many sociopaths and psychopaths who don't commit overt or gross criminal acts like murder or rape, but still lack empathy toward others, etc.

    2. Most pregnancy tests detect a pregnancy around 2 weeks after conception (or later). They "can" detect a pregnancy earlier, but it's usually best to wait until that point to be sure. As such, the baby is typically around at least 2 weeks old or 14 days old (if not later) when the baby is first detected by most people. At this point, the baby looks like a bilaminar disc that's around 0.2 mm in diameter.

    At 3 weeks, the baby starts to have a neural tube formed as well as the beginning of all the baby's organs.

    At week 4, the heart begins to beat and upper and lower limbs begin to form.

    Skip to around 50-60 days old. So the baby is just shy of 2 months old. Here is what the baby looks like, more or less. There are still roughly 7 months to go in the pregnancy, but as can be seen the baby already looks like a human at this point and will only grow more into looking like a human over time.

  2. Take Cuomo the Barbarian as a case in point. He says universal healthcare is a basic human right, then promotes and signs into law an infanticide bill. We live in dark times.

    Seems like nothing is absurd anymore

  3. On behalf of sociopaths everywhere, I must protest being lumped in with the abortion group. Am I cruel? Yes. Am I uncaring? Yes. Am I thoughless & wasteful? A resounding No! I plan my actions meticulously and I am offended by being associated with those who are sexually active & then wish to elminate their responsibilities by claiming a fetus is not human. When has a human being ever given birth to something not human? I would go and hide in my safe place but that's where I keep the bodies. :)