Friday, October 12, 2018

Hallmark flowers

It came not long after Lisa and her husband visited Auschwitz, the infamous concentration camp in Poland and were feeling especially aggrieved over the sheer amount of evil in the world.

Did they never read the Book of Judges? Why do they act like encountering evil is surprising? 

The OT is a common target for atheists. But one reason Christians need to read the OT is to disabuse themselves of a Hallmark card version of Christianity. Life is not a Disney Princess movie. 

It's not as if the Bible presents a sanitized view of the world, then there's the shocking contrast when you compare the Bible to what really happens. There's nothing slightly inconsistent about Auschwitz in light of Bible history. That's to be expected. The world is a jarring mix of awesome beauty and horrifying ugliness. 

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  1. When you have a weak view of the holiness of God and a weak view of sin, it is no wonder you won’t notice evil until you go to Auschwitz. Maybe they will realize that every fallen man has more in common with Hitler than Christ.