Thursday, August 02, 2018

Reinventing Catholicism


  1. I can't help noticing that many today appear to both support:

    1) The legal arguments of anti-death penalty advocates, that all available ways of putting someone to death are necessarily disproportionately painful or cruel.

    2) That euthanasia allows people to end their own lives in a dignified, more-or-less painless way.

    Every time somebody advocates the blessings of euthanasia clinics, I think we should say "great, since they provide a dignified and painless death, countries can use their methods to apply the death penalty!" and wait for the reaction.

  2. Having on read the URL... Thank Lord I am out of this church. To think that for 10 long years I defended her indefensible doctrines from Protestants seems incredible to me now.