Monday, August 06, 2018

“Discover the Networks” on “The [Political] Left”

A reader named “Top Quark” commented:

In other words, he failed to show the careful attention to facts, logic, argument, and theology that you usually demonstrate, in an effort to take a cheap shot at "the left" (whoever he envisions that to be). Obviously it's his blog [article] to do with as he wishes. It's my prerogative to call him out when he makes preposterously overbroad, empirically false, completely unprovable statements and to go elsewhere if he persists in doing so.

Whenever I refer to “The Left”, I’m referring to the network of networks among those individuals who consider themselves to be “thought leaders” – in universities, primarily, in some philosophy departments, “feminist studies”, Black studies, “gender studies”, etc. There are of course many others documented here in politics and media as well.

These are thoroughly-well documented in the website, where individual thinkers, sources of funding, various groups devoted to various political issues are all mapped and documented. There is nothing “preposterously overbroad”, nothing “empirically false”, nothing “unprovable” at this site. Perhaps Top Quark’s curiosity can be sated with a quick perusal of this site.

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