Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Robert Spencer on the “Islamicize Me” controversy

I don't agree with everything he says here, but it's useful to hear his side of the argument since White fingered him in one of the DL's about the “Islamicize Me”. In addition, Spencer is a brave, heroic figure who merits our support.


  1. I just went throught White-Spencer-Pierce tweet feed/war, and I have to say that White's arrogance dwarves in comparison with Pierce.

    If I hadn't known better, I would have taken Pierce to be a flame-bait or a troll. For someone arguing about "gospel argumentation" Pierce seems to have missed the part of the gospel on slander. Yes, accusing someone of spreading hate, and not justifying it when asked is slanderous by any sensible person's estimation. And if that is not bad in itself, to call Spencer's complaint about the slander "drama" - is just wow!

    When it comes to mockery, Wood aint got nothing on Pierce.

    1. *Pierce accused Spencer of spreading fear, not hate. But the distinction is bleak in terms of their ultimate outcomes.

    2. Perhaps a General/Lieutenant dichotomy is at play here?

      The General is the 'father to his men' figure, kindly and understanding. A figurehead you can look up to and aspire to please.

      Meanwhile his Lieutenant goes out and kicks butts, threatens, does everything to get the army in shape at the expense of making everyone hate his guts.

      Good cop/bad cop, in a military setting.