Monday, May 07, 2018

So much for consenting adults

During the debate over homosexual marriage, Christians asked, "Where do you draw the line? What about pedophelia?"

Indignant secular progressives responded by appealing to consenting adults. But secular progressives can't be trusted. Their position is unstable. For instance:


  1. Not to mention secular progressives are always seeking to lower the age at which minors can get an abortion without parental consent or abolishing parental consent for abortions entirely. For example, according to Planned Parenthood, it looks like California has no parental involvement requirement for minors wishing to obtain abortions.

    If a minor can get an abortion without parental consent, then why shouldn't she be considered "a consenting adult"?

  2. I hate to sound like a cynic, but *at least* this guy got charged with *something*, just not rape. Hurrah.

    There were cases in one European country, I believe either Finland or Sweden, where they had pretty young minor girls (about 13, by my recollection) who were coming into the country as immigrants allegedly "married" to older men. At first they separated them from their "husbands," saying that under the law of the European country they couldn't be deemed married at that age. But then they returned them to the men on the grounds that it was a different culture, etc.