Monday, May 14, 2018

“Liberals” vs “the Left” (Cultural Marxism)

Here is a phenomenon that we will want to watch.

It’s becoming more and more evident that there is a difference between mere “liberals” and “the Left”. It is “the Left” that has created and espouses a thing that I’ll call “cultural Marxism” – a political view that perceives “equality” as its highest good, and which works with relentless fervor to implement policies that effect its own interpretation of “equality”.

On the other hand, there is a growing number of “cultural liberals” – those who probably don’t believe in God, nor do they have any value for Christian morality. These folks think that they genuinely want to work toward a better, fairer future, and they have unwittingly bought into the agenda of “the Left” but they don’t quite “toe the line”.

There is a growing number of these folks who see the disjunction between “the Left”’s agenda and their own liberal beliefs. Bret Weinstein (in the video below) is one of these. A genuinely-persuaded liberal, he nevertheless got caught up in what he calls the “black supremacy” evidenced by the “Day of Absence” requirement at Evergreen College.

Weinstein, is a former professor at Evergreen (social studies, I think), who was ostracized and later forced out for not toeing the line. He tells his story in this video, and more tellingly, he articulates the agenda and methodology of “the Left”. This is a bit long, but I highly recommend it as a good diagnosis of what we are dealing with, from a cultural perspective.

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