Friday, April 06, 2018

Atheism and white nationalism

I don't agree with everything in this article. But it highlights an irony. You have atheists attacking evangelical Trump voters as "hypocrites", yet many alt-right Trump supporters are rabid atheists:


  1. As long as the atheistic Trump supporters don't claim to have a natural morality that Trump is violating, then it could just be a criticism of the perceived inconsistency of evangelical Trump voters. On the other hand, I suspect that they are just being opportunistic and finding every way they can to attack Christians, whether it's actually consistent of them. After all, many atheists claim to have a morality. That's why they think it's bad to be a hypocrite. But if they get to nuance their own morality, then logically they should afford Christians the same consideration.

  2. I guess the argument is that evangelicals come under first because some evangelicals support Trump, who gives comfort to the alt right. If that's leveled as an attack by atheism with the smug self-righteous attitude that no atheists ever support the alt right, then it's factually false. But if an individual atheist willing to criticize the alt right and the atheists who give comfort to the alt right gives this criticism of evangelicals who support Trump, then it's not hypocrisy.

  3. American Politics is heading in a very continental European direction. Specifically, the work of Alain De Benoist is very popular with people like Spencer, Hannibal Bateman, and others. They view Christianity as contradicting their aims of a homogenous culture, which seeks the best of its own people. They also view Classical Liberalism as a degenerate form of Christianity.

    1. They may be correct in their analysis of Classical Liberalism.