Friday, January 26, 2018

Invisible friendship

Richard Dawkins‏Verified account 

Theists: you get comfort in the imaginary embrace of an imaginary friend? Try real warm embrace of a real warm friend. That's real comfort.

It's funny how atheists make boneheaded comments in the same breath as they pride themselves on their intellectual superiority to Christians.

i) Is Dawkins so ignorant that he believes Christians regard God as a replacement for having human friends? Is he that out of touch? He erects a false dichotomy. God is not a substitute for human friends; conversely, human friends are not a substitute for God.

ii) What about friendless shut-ins and nursing home residents? They outlived their friends. God is all they have left. 

iii) Good friends are wonderful, but limited. They can offer sympathy and advice. 

But one reason believers pray to God is to help in situations beyond their control. Situations in which friends are impotent to solve the problem. Sometimes we need changed circumstances, and only God has the power to bring that about. 


  1. Of course, people like Richard Dawkins are quick to dismiss the wonderfully constructed philosophical arguments for the existence of God. That is precisely what the fool does (Psalm 14:1). How could one ever be content with finite happiness?

  2. The Christian does not believe in an 'imaginary embrace' from an 'imaginary friend'. The Christian believes in the very real embrace (love) of a very real God. But the caricature helps the inept Dickie D peddle his stupid dichotomy. The pathetic Dawkins' childish caricature demonstrates only that he has yet to grow beyond playground finger pointing. What an absurd figure. Still.

  3. I seem to recall Dawkins' own attempts at a "real warm embrace" with a lady in an elevator got him accusations of sexual harassment.