Monday, November 13, 2017

Moore postmortem

A few parting observations on the Roy Moore fiasco:

i) I thought it was a premature for conservative/evangelical pundits and Republican leaders to throw Moore to the wolves on the very same day the story broke in a liberal rag (WaPo). But we now have more information.

ii) Some conservatives/libertarians made a mistake of defending Moore personally. But that's hazardous and not the central issue. In fairness, most conservatives/libertarians aren't philosophers, so they often use bad arguments even when their instincts are right. (Not that I'm a philosopher.)

iii) A better way to frame the argument, at least in principle, is that we sometimes have more than one set of real, potential, or prospective victims to consider. There's all the people who've been and will be victimized by secular progressives if the Democrat party dominates gov't. So we need to compare the scale of the damage which different outcomes are likely to produce. Unfortunately, we often find ourselves in situations where we can't protect all the innocents from direct or collateral damage. 

For instance, consider how the transgender movement is leading to the chemical castration of adolescents. Or how Christians are denied the right to adopt children while defenseless children are placed in the hands of homosexual "couples". Or the increasing threat to terminate custody rights for Christian parents who refuse to submit to the LGBT agenda. As well as using public schools to mass indoctrinate kids in the secular progressive creed. And so on and so forth.

This isn't only about religious liberty for Christians, but the welfare of our neighbors. For conservative pundits to suggest that this is just about one lousy senate seat in Alabama is a willfully shortsighted applause line.

iv) However, there comes a tipping-point. At this point it looks like Moore is doomed. His own conduct is largely responsible. And by running for the senate, as a vulnerable candidate, he fell right into the wood-chipper of a political machine that took full advantage of his liabilities. Bided its time. Sat on incriminating evidence. Timed the release of incriminating evidence to inflict maximal damage. 

v) So we have to move on. Ultimately it's God's world. What happens is up to God. So often it seems like one step forward and two steps back. 

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