Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Blind Faith vs. Faith that Sees


  1. Josh's statements remind me of one of C.S. Lewis' definitions of faith, HERE.

    Josh's criticism of "blind faith" applies not only to what Christians would also consider blind faith, but also to what Christians wouldn't. For example, Josh's criticism would argue against the Christian claim that the inner testimony of the Holy Spirit (when conjoined with Scriptural truth about the Gospel) provides objective knowledge of God's existence. So, I only partially agree with Josh's criticism of "blind faith".

    1. BTW, in the past 5 months I've listened to Josh's interview of Robin Collins "on fine-tuning, origin of reason, and God" twice. Great stuff.

      Now, I'm listening to his interview of Collins on "Interview with Robin Collins about minds, materialism, and scientific progress".