Thursday, July 27, 2017

Disabled vet on transgender troop ban


  1. "To be successful at war, you have to become a warrior mentally, physically, and emotionally. You can’t fake it and go through the motions."

    Are the countries that allow lgbt to serve in combat such as Israel, Canada, France, Australia, the UK precluding themselves from success?

    "War is no place for people who are mentally, emotionally, or physically confused or in turmoil. You have your shit together, or you don’t."

    Are all transgender mentally, emotionally, and physically confused? Was Beck during his time as an effective SEAL?

    "We had guys who couldn’t. When faced with combat situations they crumbled. "

    From - "About 80 percent of the jobs in the military are non-combat occupations." Trump's ban is not restricted to just combat positions.

    1. "Cletus Van Damme Are the countries that allow lgbt to serve in combat such as Israel, Canada, France, Australia, the UK precluding themselves from success?"

      You're making willfully stupid statements.

      i) To begin with, because Israel is vastly outnumbered by her enemies, she is forced to have a sweeping conscription policy.

      ii) When was the last time the military fitness of France or Canada was put to the test?

      "Was Beck during his time as an effective SEAL?"

      Exceptions make bad policy. There are young teenage boys who'd be effective soldiers. Does that mean we should abolish a minimal enlistment age?

      "Trump's ban is not restricted to just combat positions."

      It's a wedge issue, dummy. Are you so clueless that you don't know the strategy? Use to be women in the military were restricted to non-combat positions. But they got a foot in the door. Guess what happened?

    2. "Are the countries that allow lgbt to serve in combat such as Israel, Canada, France, Australia, the UK precluding themselves from success?""

      I think there's more to the story than just a blanket statement that Israel allowing lgbt to serve in combat. Israel elite paratroopers, commandos and Golani Brigade is all male. So you're not going to find a lesbian in those units. Nor transgender. Women infantryman is only limited to the mix gender Caracal battalion, which is a small size of IDF. Even then they have a lot of things that they lessen than a typical infantry BN such as weapons they carry, regular armor, etc. So far its limited to border security which is not the same as ground force invasion expected of regular infantry. When you watch and read about Israel's military operations that involves incursion into territories you would note they are using the units I mentioned earlier that are all-male infantry.

  2. From a friend in the military:

    A short list of reasons one can be disqualified from admission to military service:
    Too Short: Men below 60 inches; women 58 inches
    Too Tall: Men above 80 inches; women above 80 inches
    Silicone Breast Implants
    Persistent Ovarian Cysts
    Abnormal Pap Smear
    Organ Transplant Recipient
    Undescended Testicle
    Epididymitis – caused by STDs
    Amputated Penis if Stump Prevents Proper Urination
    Absence of a Kidney
    Deformity of Skull, Face, or Jaw
    Spastic Neck
    Coronary Heart Disease
    Varicose Veins – Venous Incompetence
    Unrepaired Cleft Palate or Lip
    Vocal Cord Paralysis
    Head Shunt
    Certain Types of Head Injuries
    Multiple Sclerosis
    Anti-Social Behaviors
    Personality Disorder
    Certain Types of Acne
    Contact Dermatitis
    Sun Sensitivity
    Plantar Warts
    Fused or Bent Spine
    Allergies to Insects That Can Cause Anaphylaxis
    Sleep Apnea

    It's about medical readiness (as stated earlier). What happens when an asthmatic does not have access to his inhaler in a dust storm? What happens to a diabetic if his insulin goes bad in the desert heat? What happens to a transgender Soldier if he/she runs out of hormones while deployed? Sure, we tell people to pack a 90 day supply, but what if that supply get compromised and there is no way to resupply for weeks? Will we medevac that person to get treatment? What if medevac is not available? Will they turn into a hormonal emotional pile of Jell-O when the sh*t gets bad? Who knows? Maybe, maybe not. Do you want to be in the MRAP or out on some distant mountaintop in Afghanistan with a social experiment we let join just to make less than 1% of the country happy?