Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Wood reviews The Case for Christ

In addition to his other talents, it turns out that Wood is a comedic impressionist:

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  1. Richard Carrier reviewed the movie and made some positive statements about it (alongside the negative). Here's an excerpt:

    Is It a Good Movie? Pretty much, yeah. It’s a far better film than either of the God’s Not Deads (see my review of the “Jesus existed” propaganda in GND 2, including Lee Strobel’s), or Risen (you can read the summary and listen to my Wired Magazine podcast review of that stinker, with Dan Barker), or any other Christian propaganda film I’ve seen. It scores well on every production value (direction, editing, lighting, acting, writing, score, and beyond). The lead (Mike Vogel) even carries off a superb impression of Lee Strobel, right down to voice and cadence (they don’t look terribly alike, but that’s irrelevant to the story). I’d only ding it for the writing, not because it’s bad (it’s a decently done melodrama), but because it’s shallow. By which I mean, there is not a lot that’s deep in this movie, nothing profound, and it often lacks the kind of writing, the depth of story or character development, that you would like to call good.