Monday, March 06, 2017

Update On The 1982 Carbon Dating Of The Shroud Of Turin

I recently found out that Gerald Wasserburg died last year. In a post I wrote in 2014, I argued that Wasserburg probably was involved in carbon dating a thread from the Shroud of Turin in 1982, several years before the more famous dating in 1988. I'm the only person I know of other than the scientists who arranged the 1982 test who discussed that test with Wasserburg. A lot of material has been added to my 2014 post since I first published it, and I just made a major update to it. The update includes a further discussion of my 2014 email exchange with Wasserburg, as well as material taken from some of the obituaries about him. I've also added further reasons to believe that the 1982 test did occur, and I've rewritten the section on scientific issues. Since so much material has been added to the article over the years, even those who read it previously may want to read the whole thing. Or if you just want to read the updates since the original post, you can find them in the comments section of the thread.

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