Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Assisted suicide

Why is there such a push for assisted suicide? Why the urgency? You can be sure that Democrats will spearhead this fundamental "right". Let's grant for the sake of argument that suicide is a right. Let's further grant that some people need to commit suicide. Let's be very lax and say that if you don't think your life is worth living, that's sufficient reason to kill yourself.

Even if we grant all those assumptions for discussion purposes, what makes assisted suicided a cause to lobby for? The reason I frame the issue this way is because most people already have the ability to kill themselves if they wish to. So why is it necessary to make provision for someone else to kill you when you can do it yourself? After all, how-to tips on suicide are readily available. You can find them on the internet. You can find them at your public library. Moreover, people do kill themselves with some frequency. So why the demand that someone else kill you?

Perhaps the argument is that you have cases where people are incapacitated due to accident or dementia. Mind you, if you're diagnosed with mild dementia or a degenerative illness, you still have the presence of mind and physical wherewithal to kill yourself before you become incapacitated. If you procrastinate until it's too late to do it yourself, why think you're entitled to force someone else do it? And make no mistake, it's about requiring "health professionals" to do it.

Even if, for the sake of argument, we grant the legitimacy of assisted suicide, that's only "necessary" in a fraction of cases (i.e. incapacitating accidents). Yet euthanasia is applied far more broadly. And notice how quickly it goes from voluntary to involuntary euthanasia. 

The real reason is that assisted suicide is a pretext for government to expand its authority to kill people. It uses the guise of "compassion" and "death with dignity" and "mercy killing" as an excuse to assume the role of public executioner, become the arbiter of life and death. It's really about the absolute power of the state. And not coincidentally, this dovetails with nationalized healthcare. The apotheosis of the state. Physicians as public employees who kill at the behest of the state.

There's also something undeniably diabolical behind it all. The devil hates humans. The devil is a murderer for the beginning (Jn 8:44). The devil is the unseen architect of genocide. How else do we account for self-loathing humanism?  

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  1. I'll take a stab at a particular and say that eugenics never really went away and that population control has been added to it. What the government needs in order to accomplish these things is enforced euthanasia. China proved that abortion wasn't enough and Europe has proven that PAS could easily be turned into euthanasia against the will of patients. If suicide is left up to people to do on their own, a government can't force them to do it. The other side of the coin is to make everyone a patient. That's where the movement toward public healthcare comes in.