Saturday, October 29, 2016

No, it's not all about the Supreme Court


  1. This article rightly paints a bad picture of the country if Clinton were elected. But it also is promoting Trump pretty heavily. Is this the position you're taking Steve?

    1. I've written many posts documenting Trump's ineptitude and moral turpitude. That, however, needs to be balanced by documenting the dangers of Hillary. Too many people expend all their firepower denouncing Trump, as if Hillary is acceptable by contrast.

      Moreover, I'm interested in correcting bad arguments on both sides. There's been an overemphasis on the future of the Supreme Court under a Hillary presidency. But the threat she poses is much more far-reaching. It's a question of accurately sizing up both candidates, even if we don't vote for either one.

    2. That makes sense. For a moment there I thought maybe you had rethought your position on Trump, but I do appreciate how this article demonstrates how bad things could be if Clinton was elected.

      Personally, I feel conflicted. I believe Clinton is the worst candidate running right now, but I don't believe in Trump either. Up until six months ago or, Trump was one of the most liberal Republican candidates, and now he talks like he's a super conservative. I wish to vote third party in order to show my disgust with both candidates, but the thought of not having Clinton in the White House makes it tempting to vote for Trump.

      If only a real conservative had been nominated. We would be golden now.