Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The end of freedom

I can't forecast the future with assurance, but here's a plausible trajectory, based on what we see happening in Europe and the UK. Muslim immigration will destroy a free and open society. 

When Muslims immigrate to a Western country, they bring their social pathologies with them. Once the percentage of Muslims reaches a certain threshold, authorities confront a painful dilemma:

i) Take for granted that a certain incidence of Muslim-related rape, gang-rape, honor-killing, sex trafficking, and domestic jihadist attacks, &c., are now an ineradicable fixture of life in the host country. That's something the general public needs to get used to. 

ii) Expel the Muslims. 

The problem with (ii) is that if you wait until you have millions of Muslims in your country, expelling them will be very violent. Because (ii) is such a drastic options, authorities settle for (i). 

Even if you restrict Muslim immigration, because they generally have higher birthrates than the locals, their percentage of the population will expand over time. 

Having opted for (ii), this leads to certain policies:

1. At best, it becomes an exercise in keeping Muslim criminality at manageable levels. That includes no-go zones where police have simply written off certain areas. 

2. Police will surveil Muslim communities. This, however, will give police a pretext to engage in dragnet surveillance of the general public. Everyone's communications and activities will be monitored.

3. Police won't protect you or your dependents from Muslim crime. Police won't allow you to protect yourself or your dependents from Muslim crime. Rather, the policy will be to appease Muslims to stave off rioting. 

4. Speech and actions which Muslims deem to be provocative will be illegal. Muslims won't be punished for responding to (alleged) provocative speech and actions. Rather, the (alleged) provocateur will be punished. 

5. The ruling class will find this arrangement preferable. A surveillance state and security state empowers the ruling class. In gives the ruling class the pretext and apparatus (e.g. security forces) to engage in social engineering to promote its utopian agenda. Members of the ruling class live in posh gated communities where they don't suffer the consequences of social policies they inflict on the general public. The ruling class will rarely encounter Muslims. 


  1. To be honest, I see the Muslim refugees as the answer to prayers that God would open up those countries and the greatest opportunity the church has had yet to take the gospel to Muslims without restrictions. To demonstrate the love and power of God to people who are increasingly disillusioned with their religion. But of course, I am not sure that the Western church of today is truly in the place where God can use them as He would like. Matt.28:18-20, Acts 1:8.

    1. i) God hasn't opened up those countries.

      ii) I wasn't discussing Muslim "refugees," but Muslim immigrants, as well as Muslims who overstay their visas.

      Most of the so-called "Syrian refugees" were twenty-something Muslim men. Hardly refugees.

      iii) Evangelism isn't our only duty. As I've discussed, we have multiple social obligations in Scripture, including a duty to protect the innocent and protect our dependents. There's no duty to turn the USA into another Beirut, Sarajevo, or Mogadishu.

      iv) In the age of the internet, you can evangelize Muslims by proving good apologetic and evangelistic material online.

      v) If we keep importing Muslims into the USA, there will be no escape for victims of Islam who are seeking asylum from their killers and persecutors.