Friday, July 01, 2016

Risky or rulebound?

According to atheist philosopher Keith Parsons:
Here are four rules I think that most unbelievers would endorse: 
1) Sex should be between consenting adults. 
2) Use effective contraception. 
3) Practice safe sex. 
4) Respect marital commitments. 
That pretty much sums it up. Simple, effective, and moral.

But he later said:

Come on. Much of the joy of sex resides in spontaneity.  
We do things everyday that have some degree of risk of bad things. If I applied the same degree of caution you recommend for sex, could I even drive? Living is dangerous. You make a rational estimate of benefits vs. risks and live your life. This should be as true for sex as for anything else.

His appeal to spontaneity undermines his appeal to safe sex and respecting marital commitments. Acting in the heat of the moment. Likewise, his appeal to risk undermines his appeal to safe sex. 

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