Saturday, July 09, 2016

Policing elementary students

Why do police even respond to calls like this?

Well, in one sense, they respond because that's become departmental policy. But that's the problem. Police should only respond to reports of illegal activity. Even if a student used a racial slur, it's not against the law to use racial slurs. 

When the police department gets a call like this, they should explain to the school representative that since no law was broken, the police won't respond to calls like that. Indeed, they should warn school officials not to call the police for frivolous reasons. 

I'm somewhat puzzled by why police are so apathetic when it comes to political correctness. Why don't police protest stupid policies? 

Even if active duty police might be afraid to publicly criticize official policy, for fear of demotion, why don't retired police mobilize to do so? Likewise, why don't police unions protest such policies? 

Increasingly, police are doing things that make them unnecessarily unpopular with the general public. It is in their self-interest to push back rather than passively acquiesce to social justice warriors who conscript the police to spearhead their social agenda. 

Way back when I was a junior high student (c. 1972), during football practice, one boy hurt another boy. Knocked the wind out of him. The boy was in pain, and cursed the other boy who knocked him over, using an obscene epithet for homosexuals. Other students heard it. Some repeated it. Our coach probably heard it.

But it didn't occur to anyone to report it to the police. Indeed, it didn't occur to anyone to report it to the Principal or Vice Principal. Sometimes boys swear at other boys. 

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  1. I had to read the initial brownie part half a dozen times to make sure I wasn't misreading.