Thursday, October 22, 2015

God on the front lines

A stock objection to Biblical ethics is it's alleged failure to condemn "slavery." 

Now, there are in fact a number of verses that take a dim view of slavery (e.g. 1 Tim 1:10; Rev 18:13; Exod 21:16; Deut 23:15-16).

However, one reason Scripture doesn't condemn slavery more often or more directly may well be because the Creator himself took a dose of his own medicine. The Incarnation is the greatest conceivable demotion. The Son of God allows himself to be pushed around by Jewish and Roman authorities. On the Cross, he submits to a punishment usually reserved for slaves. God doesn't require us to go through anything that he himself did not endure. 

It's like a field commander who exposes himself to the same dangers as his subordinates. He doesn't ask them to do anything he's not prepared to do. He takes all the same same risks. Indeed, he literally leads them into battle. Leads them into enemy territory. 

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