Sunday, January 25, 2015

Superbowl hijinx

Charisma News
Jan 25, 2015

Bill Nye "the science guy" took issue with Bill Belichick's scientific explanation of how the suspect footballs became underinflated.

In response, Ken Ham immediately challenged Nye to a DeflateGate debate. Ham blamed DeflateGate on diabolical hijinx. The Archfiend is attempting to disqualify or at least discredit the Patriots in advance of the Superbowl. 

Ham has chartered Joyce Meyer's Gulfstream IV to fly Brynne, Tess, and Savannah Larson to the Superbowl to intercept the deflationary demon by anointing each football with holy toenail polish. 

Joseph Prince will be in attendance, with his Kato suit and rakish hairdo, to bind the deflationary demon while posing for selfies. 

Finally, the Winchester brothers will paint a Devil's trap, in the form of a Heptagram, on the ceiling of each team's locker room to forestall any diabolical preplayoff hijinx. 

Between these precautionary measures, Ham assured his audience that the best team should win. Asked if the Seahawks was going to win, he said the question was redundant. After all, he already said the best team should win. 


  1. "For there is no enchantment against Jacob, no divination against Israel" Num. 23:23

    A lot of superstitious claptrap could be eliminated in many Christian circles through better acquaintance with God's Word.

  2. All joking aside, Nye looks the fool for not knowing the relationship between temperature and pressure. Actual science sides with Bill B.