Thursday, December 11, 2014

Psychopathy or nihilism?

Wood was convinced that right and wrong were fictions to be discarded at will and that the apathetic universe couldn’t care less how anyone acts. 
The absence of empathy that Wood seemed to exhibit as a young boy is often indicative of psychopathy or sociopathy.
Perhaps. Or perhaps he was just a consistent, albeit precocious, atheist. In other words, why diagnose this as a developmental disorder rather than a nihilistic philosophy? Why classify it as a psychiatric condition or psychopathology rather than a secular worldview? The only difference is that most atheists are inconsistent in theory or practice.

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  1. In a recent Trinity Channel broadcast David Wood played his testimony and later commented on it. He admitted that he was a diagnosed sociopath and that it was only after he became a Christian that he started caring about people.

    It's also clear from his testimony and other videos that he believed as a non-Christian (and still does as a Christian) that nihilism is the logical consequence of atheism.