Monday, June 23, 2014

I Am Not Afraid: Demon Possession and Spiritual Warfare

I haven't read this book, so I'm not vouching for it. Even if I had read the book, I'm in no position to independently confirm the anecdotes. 

However, the author has prima facie credibility. He's a confessional Lutheran academic and missionary. So, for those who take an interest in the subject, this might be a fairly reliable source:

Here's more background info:


  1. The second link has a section for radio/video interviews. Among the interview topics are:

    Issues, Etc. Radio Interview , Part 1 of 4 -May 12, 2014 (Exorcism)
    Issues, Etc. Radio Interview, Part 2 of 4 -May 16, 2014 (The Possessed)
    Issues, Etc. Radio Interview, Part 3 of 4 -May 19, 2014 (The Gospels)
    Issues, Etc. Radio Interview, Part 4 of 4 -May 21, 2014 (Church Fathers)
    Issues, Etc. Radio Interview, Part 5 of 5 -June 6, 2014 (Q&A)
    KFUO Reformation Rush Hour "The New Seminary in Ghana"-March 28,2014
    Demon Possession in the Gospels -Video from Jan 2014
    Demon Possession And The Church -Video from Jan 2014
    Spiritual Warfare Panel Discussion -Video from Jan 2014
    KFUO Book Talk Radio -July 8, 2013 (I Am Not Afraid Part 1)
    KFUO Book Talk Radio -July 9, 2013 (I Am Not Afraid Part 2)
    KFUO Book Talk Radio-July 23, 2013 (I Am Not Afraid Part 3)

    Interestingly, Dr. Bennett has also been interviewed on Coast to Coast, which many know is a famous non-Christian radio program on the paranormal.

    1. I've added Dr. Bennett's website to my blog:

      Evidence and Testimonies of Demonic and Angelic Encounters

      My blog includes the following urls:

      -The late Reformed minister Ferrell Griswold's experiences on the subject of Possession, Oppression and the Occult

      -The late Dr. Kurt E. Koch's book (complete?) Between Christ and Satan [alternatively titled "The Lure of the Occult"]

      -Excerpts from Dr. Koch's Occult ABC

      -Neil T. Anderson is another controversial figure in Evangelicalism. He is featured on many YouTube videos. Here's an example:
      Here's his most famous book The Bondage Breaker online:
      The book has been re-written and re-edited multiple times down through the years because of controversial teaching inside and because of the development of his understanding on the subject. Presumably, it's more orthodox than it was when it was originally published over 20 years ago.

      The Truth about Spiritual Warfare, Demon Possession & Exorcism with Walter Martin
      Part ONE, Part TWO (audio)

      -Gerry Breshears gives an 11 part lecture series Spiritual Warfare from a Christian perspective. In part 11, he recounts his own personal experiences of the demonic.

      -Wayne Grudem is a well known Christian theologian who wrote a popular book titled Systematic Theology: An Introduction to Biblical Doctrine. At THIS LINK is a series of 120 lessons he gave based on his popular book. The following are links to PART 1, PART 2 and PART 3 of his lessons on the topic of demons.

      Angels & Demons (video) by Catholic writer Dr Peter Kreeft
      Since the speaker is a Catholic, I obviously don't agree with everything he says (being an Evangelical myself).

      and other links/urls