Saturday, May 17, 2014

Peter Enns on the Virgin Birth

Commenting on Jerry Walls' Facebook page, Peter Enns said:

  • Peter Enns I highly recommend Andrew Lincoln's recent "Born of a Virgin?" It deals at great length with this very issue from a position of both faith and commitment to historical criticism.

    Luke Van Horn
    Prof. Enns, does Lincoln's book address the question I asked, about why some people seem to think that denial of the virgin birth would require rethinking Jesus' deity?

    Peter Enns
    Yes. I think you would agree with what he says. He also tackles head on why only 2 Gospels mention the virginal conception, Paul never hints at it, and the reasons the early church had for holding to it as it did (based on a misconception--pardon the pun) of human reproduction.


  1. When it comes to heresy Enns justifies the means.

  2. For a review of Lincoln's book, see here. I've also reviewed it at Amazon.

  3. This man just keeps moving further and further along the heretical road

  4. God says in His word that the sinless Son of God became incarnated into the flesh through the virgin Mary.
    That is what all Christians have always believed through time.
    John's gospel also deals with the origins of Jesus into this world

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