Sunday, December 01, 2013

Life without God

Some people have wealth and talent. But without God, they are miserable:

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  1. On a related note, the following is from George Marsden's Jonathan Edwards: A Life:

    "One famous study, for instance, celebrated Edwards' contribution to the moral character of America through his descendants. The work, published in 1900, contrasted the character and intelligence of 1,200 descendants of one of his most dissolute contemporaries to those of 1,400 of Edwards' heirs. The descendants of Max Jukes, a New York Dutchman whose name the researchers changed to protect the guilty, left a legacy that included more than three hundred 'professional paupers,' fifty women of ill repute, seven murderers, sixty habitual thieves, and one hundred and thirty other convicted criminals. The Edwards family, by contrast, produced scores of clergymen, thirteen presidents of institutions of higher learning, sixty-five professors, and many other persons of notable achievements."30

    30. Albert E. Winship, Heredity: A History of Jukes-Edwards Families (Boston, 1925). Originally published as Jukes-Edwards: A Study in Education and Heredity (Harrisburg, Pa.: R. L. Myers, 1900), 13–14, 43.